Green Fork

Sustainability Delivered

Green Fork is a food delivery app to support sustainability. Customers are encouraged to make conscientious choices when ordering food in order to reduce their FOODprint

Project type



24 Hours

my contribution

UI Design, mid and hi fidelity mockups, prototype

my Team

Haley Glavina (Web Development)
Tina Change, Chrystina Herminiano, Sagana Mahalingam (UX/UI Design)
David Diston (Data Science)
Misael Ortiz (Digital Marketing)

The Challenge

This was a hackathon that was in partnership with Skip the Dishes and our objective was to create digital solution that builds on current trends in the food delivery service industry

Data Analysis

Based on the data sets we were provided we built a predictive model based on the reviews provided by customers. We discovered that the top 10% of predictive words of a review score include the following:

- Plastic
- Styrofoam
- Fresh
- Seasonal
- Waste
- Environment
- Packaging
- Local
- Produce
- Grown

Key Insights

This has led us to believe that sustainability sentiments, whether those words are used in a positive or negative review, they score highly in peoples mind when purchasing and reviewing experiences when ordering food.


How might we inform users of sustainable restaurants in order to reduce their eco footprint

Value Proposition

To allow sustainably minded users the ability to filter restaurants menu items to in season ingredients, in order to limit food waste and support business that share the same eco friendly values


Mood Board


UI Inspiration

Final Mockups

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