UI design for the MVP of Mobile Application

GoodSelf is a first-of-its-kind, healthy social media platform that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle content. The app hosts live, interactive audio chats led ONLY by vetted Health Experts - called GoodTalks - while Experts and Users can post and share videos, pictures, and thoughts pieces throughout the feed.

The platform was designed with the aim of connecting Users with the right Experts and information while bringing together and learning from Users that share similar health and/or lifestyle challenges.

Project type



3 months

my contribution

UI Design, UX Design, mid and hi fidelity mockups


Mobile iOS Application, Marketing and Website


Launched late 2021

The company launched their MVP to the public in the Apple iOS store as well as the Google Play Store late 2021. Prior to that there was a soft launch to a select number of users.


Apple iOS: 4.8/5 Stars from 31 reviews
Google Play Store:
5.0/5 Stars from 11 reviews

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